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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Family Acupuncture Wellness Clinic

Acupuncture Services

All of the practitioners at Family Acupuncture are registered and licensed acupuncturists and CMAAC or MPAA members. Each acupuncturist has their own specialized skills but all of them practice as general practitioners too


"My wife and I have been trying to conceive for 6 years. After finally getting in to Heartland Fertility Clinic and undergoing testing, we discovered that the issue was due to a genetic disorder that affected the quality of my sperm. Heartland told me that I would never be able to conceive naturally. You can imagine the devastation that I felt for myself and my wife. We decided to try an alternative approach as we had nothing to lose, and made an appointment with Rebecca Sprintz for acupuncture. I was really nervous at first to talk to a young lady about my personal issues, but her kind nature and professionalism immediately put me to ease. She is very humble with her skills and never tried to sell me on anything. I started seeing her twice a week for 2 months and felt that I no longer needed treatments after that because my wife became pregnant! I'm so happy we didn't listen to the doctors and give up trying. If we decide to have another child in the future, I will definitely go back to see her." 

Tim, age 36

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