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Prenatal and Remedial

Massage Therapy

Remedial Massage

Whether you have muscle tension, acute or chronic pain, or you just need to unwind, our massage therapist is here to help you restore and rebalance your body and mind. Our goal is to help improve your overall health and wellbeing, leaving you feeling better than when you walked in. 

A remedial massage treatment can reduce physical pain and discomfort, increase range of movement and mobility and prevent injury. Remedial massage therapy is the manipulation of soft tissues (muscle, tendons and ligaments) to relieve tension, soreness and allow structures to resume their correct function. While there are many different forms of massage throughout the world, Remedial Massage involves the purposeful movement of varying layers of tissue at different depths to achieve a maximum release of tension.

Who can benefit?

Remedial massage has many positive health benefits. For centuries its techniques have been used to reduce pain and muscle tension, relieve stress, lower anxiety and improve circulation. Remedial massage can also strengthen the lymphatic system, improve joint mobility and help the recovery of soft tissue injuries to assist healing and pain release in the body. All of which are symptoms of a modern, busy life. This massage is ideal for clients recovering from sports injuries, injury prevention, those suffering from deep-seated muscle tension, and clients who are after specific remedial results.

Prenatal Massage


Noella Petsche, our Prenatal and Remedial massage therapist, takes extra care to ensure pregnant women are comfortable with side laying support cushions. She offers a massage where women can lie on their stomachs SAFELY with a special pregnancy table so no pressure goes on the baby, while the mom lays comfortably with ease.

Is Massage Safe During Pregnancy?

Many mothers are concerned about how a massage may affect their baby or health of their pregnancy. Thankfully massage during pregnancy is not only safe, but helpful and supportive to both mom and baby! Many doctors recommend massage as a way to prepare for birth and to manage pregnancy pain and stress.

How is Pregnancy Massage Different?

Prenatal massage and postnatal massage are not like ordinary massages. Noella has advanced training and uses a specialized table and cushions to support the mother's body, while taking the weight off her joints and muscles.


Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage relaxes the mom, both physically and mentally, therefore relaxes the baby too. Noella is a trained doula and helps women work though apprehensions and fears towards their upcoming birth to encourage strength and ease towards this important transition.

Prenatal massage benefits include:

*relaxation and stress reduction

*reduction of muscle fatigue

*reduction of muscle cramps

*reduction of muscle spasms

*reduction of overall pain, especially in the lower back, hips, legs and joints

*increase in mobility

*reduction of labour pain

Benefits of Postnatal Massage


Postnatal massage is as beneficial as a prenatal massage. Our specially developed postnatal massages will aid in hormone regulation, relieve sore muscles in the lower back, neck and shoulders, tired wrists, aching arms and swollen legs. Postnatal headaches are eased and exhausted bodies and minds are given a well deserved holiday!

Postnatal massage benefits include:

*relaxation and stress reduction

*improved letdown for milk supply

*pain relief

*deeper sleeps

*hormone balancing

*reduction of swelling

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