Prenatal and Remedial

Massage Therapy

Noella Petsche and Lisa Kulchycki, our Prenatal and Remedial massage therapists, takes extra care to ensure pregnant women are comfortable with side laying support cushions. They also offers a massage where women can lie on their stomachs SAFELY with a special pregnancy table so no pressure goes on the baby, while the mom lays comfortably with ease. In addition to Prenatal massages, both of our RMTs practice deep-tissue massage and relaxation massage for every kind of person, not just pregnant women. In fact, upon request or when needed, Noella Petsche gives one of the deepest-tissue massages in the city!

Is Massage Safe During Pregnancy?

Many mothers are concerned about how a massage may affect their baby or health of their pregnancy. Thankfully massage during pregnancy is not only safe, but helpful and supportive to both mom and baby! Many doctors recommend massage as a way to prepare for birth and to manage pregnancy pain and stress.

How is Pregnancy Massage Different?

Prenatal massage and postnatal massage are not like ordinary massages. Noella has advanced training and uses a specialized table and cushions to support the mother's body, while taking the weight off her joints and muscles.


Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage relaxes the mom, both physically and mentally, therefore relaxes the baby too. Noella is a trained doula and helps women work though apprehensions and fears towards their upcoming birth to encourage strength and ease towards this important transition.

Prenatal massage benefits include:

*relaxation and stress reduction

*reduction of muscle fatigue

*reduction of muscle cramps

*reduction of muscle spasms

*reduction of overall pain, especially in the lower back, hips, legs and joints

*increase in mobility

*reduction of labour pain

Benefits of Postnatal Massage


Postnatal massage is as beneficial as a prenatal massage. Our specially developed postnatal massages will aid in hormone regulation, relieve sore muscles in the lower back, neck and shoulders, tired wrists, aching arms and swollen legs. Postnatal headaches are eased and exhausted bodies and minds are given a well deserved holiday!

Postnatal massage benefits include:

*relaxation and stress reduction

*improved letdown for milk supply

*pain relief

*deeper sleeps

*hormone balancing

*reduction of swelling

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PRICING (including tax)



Initial consultation including an acupuncture treatment : 100

Returning acupuncture treatments : 70

Cosmetic acupuncture treatments : 90


60 minute massage : 84

90 minute massage : 120.75


Planning Moms, Fertility, Pregnancy, Postpartum & Infant Nutrition : 125

Follow up appointments : 100

Children Nutrition (2-13 years old) : 105

Follow up appointments : 85

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