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Rebecca Sprintz  D.Ac, CPT

TCM Acupuncturist

Prenatal Specialist

Rebecca Sprintz is the owner of Family Acupuncture Wellness Clinic, a registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist (CMAAC) in Winnipeg, and is currently in her 12th year of practice. Her passion has always been helping people achieve greater health and happiness through life's challenges.


Her interest in alternative medicine began seventeen years ago after spontaneously falling ill. Several doctors gave her a poor prognosis and confirmed that they could do nothing to help her. This life changing and motivating experience opened her eyes to the limitations of Western medicine and began her journey into alternative care. Rebecca searched for a medicine that can see and treat issues that our medicine is unable to address, leading her to study in Victoria and become a Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncturist.

Upon moving back to Winnipeg, she began focusing and specializing her practice in family planning; treating both women and men struggling with infertility, recurrent miscarriages and generalized pregnancy care. Rebecca has continued to deepen her studies, research and continuing education in this field for the past 11 years.

As a Prenatal Specialist in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Rebecca has trained Doulas, Midwives and Massage Therapists in acupressure for labour, has helped over 500 women suffering from infertility become pregnant and over 1,000 women deliver healthy babies. She treats all aspects of pregnancy from enhancing fertility (PCOS, endometriosis, menstrual pain, male factor infertility), miscarriage prevention, reducing or managing morning sickness, and assisting women into a natural labour. She also treats post-pregnancy symptoms such as mastitis, insufficient lactation and depression.


In addition to being a Prenatal Specialist, Rebecca Sprintz also practices as a General Practitioner where she treats a plethora of ailments from mental to physical pain. As a former sexual assault and crisis intervention counselor, and a current certified personal trainer, Rebecca is no stranger to stress, hard work and pain management. Her kind and considerate bedside manner immediately puts people at ease.

Rebecca truly cares about her patients and the well-being of those around her. Being a busy mother herself, she can relate to the challenges faced by her patients on a regular basis.

Claire Turnbull D.Ac

TCM Acupuncturist

NAET Allergy Specialist

Claire Turnbull is a registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist, NAET certified practitioner and Doula. Her passion for complimentary and alternative medicine began over fifteen years ago when she was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and was given limited help from conventional medicine. Having to overcome her own personal health concerns has greatly influenced the practitioner she has become today. Not only did she grow out of those hardships as a more strong, compassionate and wise person but she also understands what makes a good doctor. As such, beyond providing comprehensive care, she is committed to ensure each client feels comfortable, respected and empowered during each treatment. 

A self-proclaimed life long student, Claire has not stopped learning, researching and studying since she graduated from her three year diploma program of Acupuncture in Victoria B.C. Her commitment to providing her clients with the highest quality of care has taken her to Taiwan, Ottawa and Minneapolis. Her continuing education courses include workshops in Allergy Elimination, Cosmetic Acupuncture, Fertility and Prenatal Care. 

​Nothing brings Claire more joy than seeing her clients with restored health and wellness. Her clients range in age from 1 month old to late 80’s and their conditions treated are as equally diverse. Whether you come for help with fertility, digestion, pain or allergies, Claire will integrate traditional Chinese medicine wisdom, lifestyle advice, herbs and/or cupping to your acupuncture treatment in order for you to get the best results. 

Sharae Mendoza D.Ac

TCM Acupuncturist
Pediatric Specialist with Advanced Shonishin Training

Sharae Mendoza is a registered TCM Acupuncturist and a member of the Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Association of Canada (CMAAC).  Sharae is also a Pediatric Acupuncturist with Advanced Shonishin Training.  Her desire for wanting to heal others started at a young age when she was faced with numerous surgeries. Having overcome adrenal fatigue, anxiety, infertility and postpartum depression, she is now an advocate to empower others with the skills and resources to take charge of their own health and wellness.  Her son has also benefited from her pediatric acupuncture techniques having combated alopecia areata and sensory processing disorder.  At a young age of two, she took charge of his health when practitioners told her that he will eventually "grow out of it."

Sharae received her Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture diploma in Vancouver, BC. She is a certified Fit 4 Two® Pre and Postnatal Fitness Specialist, in addition to a group fitness, aquatic, yoga and infant massage instructor.  She has helped hundreds of women and children maintain their well being utilizing various holistic approaches.

Sharae has the skills to treat general conditions such as pain, viral illnesses, migraines, sciatica, digestion, sports injuries, infertility and anxiety and has a strong desire to treat children through acupuncture, non needling techniques, aka Shonishin (rhythmic stroking, tapping, rubbing and pressing), moxibustion, massage and diet and herbal therapy.  Her kind, fun and welcoming nature puts her patients at ease and leaves them feeling inspired and educated.

Angelina (Yutong) Cai D.Ac, C.M.D

TCM Acupuncturist, TCM Practitioner
Cosmetic Specialist and Pain Specialist

Angelina Cai is a registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist, Practitioner, Herbalist, and is a member of the Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Association of Canada (CMAAC).  She graduated from the University of Manitoba, and continued her education for an additional four years at the Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture College of Manitoba, becoming a well rounded and experienced TCM Practitioner in Winnipeg.

She has a strong passion for learning all aspects of acupuncture and is well blended in both Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine. She also extended her studies and practiced in a Chinese hospital on the maternity ward with a special focus towards new moms and milk production.

Angelina specializes in cosmetic acupuncture and pain management, in addition to treating weight loss, anxiety, insomnia, injuries and overall health. She enjoys adding complimentary services such as cupping, gua sha, and infant tuina (massage) when needed. She deeply cares about her patient's progress and well-being and is dedicated to ensure that they receive the best care possible.


Noella Petsche RMT

Registered Massage Therapist 

Pre & Post Natal

Relaxation & Deep Tissue

Noella has been a practicing massage therapist for the last fifteen years, after graduating from Wellington College of Remedial Massage Therapy in 2004. Throughout these years she has taken many continuing education courses, which has sparked a deep passion for all things pregnancy and labour related. Having gone through three pregnancies and raising all girls allows her to really understand how to educate, calm and treat our pregnant ladies.


Her favourite part of massage therapy is the diversity it gives her. She is happy to help with prenatal care, deep tissue, therapeutic, energy integration, injuries, dysfunction, maintenance, or simply to relax you. She’s always here to fulfill your individual massage needs.


**She encourages her clients to be vocal about their needs throughout their treatments. Even after fifteen years, her deep tissue work can feel intense for some – but she’ll gladly adjust for pressure you can experience the massage that you’ve been hoping to receive. **

Lisa Kulchycki RMT

Registered Massage Therapist

Relaxation & Deep Tissue

Lisa’s style of massage therapy revolves around creating structural balance in the body to prevent and relieve injuries and pain. She does this by using specific massage techniques, fascial work, and teaching her clients remedial exercises, in which she has a vast knowledge.

She is able to help her clients with her training in treating muscle strains, tendonitis, TMJ dysfunction, plantar fasciitis, postural or repetitive use injuries, as well as general deep tissue and relaxation massage.
Creating a safe and comfortable environment is a priority for Lisa to allow the benefits of
massage to be at their full potential.

Lisa graduated from the Massage Therapy College of Manitoba (now Evolve College of
Massage Therapy). She is currently completing her training in Complete Decongestive
Therapy, whereas upon completion she will be a Certified Lymphedema Therapist.

Juliana Avella RHNP/RHNC

Certified Holistic Nutritionist specialist in Children Nutrition 

Registered Health & Nutrition Practitioner & Counsellor

Postpartum Doula (D.O.N.A)

Juliana is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Health Coach. She is passionate and knowledgeable about the health of women and children, including pregnancy, breastfeeding and child nutrition.

Her love for holistic nutrition started when she became a mother to her first child ten years ago. Through experience, she observed how much the introduction of solids, the right ingredients and a balanced diet could contribute to physical, mental and emotional development. Two years later she had her second son, and unfortunately he had a sensitive stomach with many food sensitivities and intolerances to gluten, eggs and milk. This drove her on a path of integrated research with holistic medicine to enhance and help her son and family to become as healthy and comfortable as possible. She came to discover the importance of managing and adapting each child's uniqueness to their dietary needs.

Juliana has almost ten years of experience helping families, including her own, to overcome obstacles through holistic and functional food in Brazil. She also generated a book published in 2015 "Fearless Feeding" about nutrition and its challenges in early childhood.


Moving to Winnipeg, she became a regular speaker at CTV Morning Live, where she provides her Nutrition Insights in 2 segments "Living Well" on Mondays at 7:50 am and "Tots to Teens" on Tuesdays at 7:50 am.


At Family Acupuncture Wellness Clinic, she offers personalized consultancy support for parents, caregivers and children to discover and nurture what is best for each family unit.


As a postpartum Doula, she understands the afflictions, fears and imbalances that come with motherhood and offers emotional and nutrition support for breastfeeding mothers, new mothers and ever changing children.

Tatiana Martins D.Ac

TCM Acupuncturist

Cosmetic Specialist

Tatiana Martins is a registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist and a member of the Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Association of Canada (CMAAC). She received her Acupuncture diploma at Pacific Rim College in Victoria, and her Bachelors Degree at University of Winnipeg.

Her passion for helping others began after overcoming her own hormonal imbalances and anxiety with the help of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Since experiencing these changes, she has dedicated herself to helping others heal both mentally and physically. She strives to empower others to take charge of thier health and is an advocate for an active and balanced lifestyle.

Tatiana continually updates her knowledge and training and has taken on extra studies in women's health including PCOS, endometriosis and fertility, as well as treating anxiety, depression, addictions, and pain management. 


Tatiana's passion for helping her patients is demonstrated through her treatments, leaving patients feeling heard, understood and cared for. Her treatments are a blend of Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, cupping therapy, nutritional support and lifestyle advice.

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PRICING (including tax)



Initial consultation including an acupuncture treatment : 100

Returning acupuncture treatments : 70

Cosmetic acupuncture treatments : 90


60 minute massage : 84

90 minute massage : 120.75


Planning Moms, Fertility, Pregnancy, Postpartum & Infant Nutrition : 125

Follow up appointments : 100

Children Nutrition (2-13 years old) : 105

Follow up appointments : 85

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