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Rebecca Sprintz, Acupuncturist in Winnipeg
Rebecca Sprintz  D.Ac, CPT

TCM Acupuncturist

Reproductive Health Specialist and General Practitioner

Rebecca Sprintz is the owner of Family Acupuncture Wellness Clinic, a registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist (CMAAC) in Winnipeg and is currently in her 15th year of practice. Her passion has always been helping people achieve greater health and happiness through life's challenges.


Her interest in alternative medicine began eighteen years ago after spontaneously falling ill. Several doctors gave her a poor prognosis and confirmed that they could do nothing to help her. This life changing and motivating experience opened her eyes to the limitations of Western medicine and began her journey into alternative care. Rebecca searched for a medicine that can see and treat issues that our medicine is unable to address, leading her to study in Victoria and become a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner.

Upon moving back to Winnipeg, she began focusing and specializing her practice in family planning; treating both women and men struggling with infertility, recurring miscarriages and generalized pregnancy care. Rebecca has continued to deepen her studies, research and continuing education in this field for the past 14 years.

As a Reproductive Health Specialist in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Rebecca has trained Doulas, Midwives and Massage Therapists in acupressure for labour, has helped over 800 women suffering from infertility become pregnant and over 1,000 women deliver healthy babies. She treats all aspects of pregnancy from enhancing fertility (PCOS, endometriosis, menstrual pain, male factor infertility), miscarriage prevention, reducing or managing morning sickness, and assisting women into a natural labour. She also treats post-pregnancy symptoms such as mastitis, insufficient lactation and depression.


In addition, Rebecca Sprintz also practices as a General Practitioner where she treats a plethora of ailments from mental to physical pain. As a former sexual assault and crisis intervention counselor, and a current certified personal trainer, Rebecca is no stranger to stress, hard work and pain management. Her kind and considerate bedside manner immediately puts people at ease.

Rebecca truly cares about her patients and the well-being of those around her. Being a busy mother herself, she can relate to the challenges faced by her patients on a regular basis.

Claire Turnbull, Acupuncturist in Winnipeg
Claire Turnbull D.Ac

TCM Acupuncturist

NAET Allergy Specialist

Claire Turnbull has been practicing at Family Acupuncture since its establishment over ten years ago, retaining patients ranging from 2 months to 90 years old, each with diverse health needs. Some of her youngest patients are the children of those she helped with infertility, extending her care through generations.


While Claire frequently addresses mental, emotional and physical health concerns, she holds a special appreciation for women's health and fertility, finding fulfillment in treating menstrual disorders, fertility challenges, pregnancy discomforts, and menopause.


Her journey into complementary and alternative medicine dates back to the early 2000s when she was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease, igniting her additional knowledge and understanding in digestive disorders. Additionally, Claire specializes in allergy elimination, assisting many in overcoming food intolerances and seasonal allergies, including reactions to pets.


As a perpetual learner, Claire's pursuit of knowledge hasn't waned since graduating with honors from the Acupuncture program at Pacific Rim College in Victoria, B.C. Her dedication to providing exceptional care has led her to pursue further education in Taiwan, Ottawa and Minneapolis, encompassing areas such as Allergy Elimination, Cosmetic Acupuncture, and Fertility and Prenatal Care workshops.


Claire's passion for her work and the holistic medicine she practices is evident in her commitment to ongoing education and unwavering dedication to her clients' well-being.

Angelina Cai, Acupuncturist in Winnipeg
Angelina (Yutong) Cai D.Ac, C.M.D

TCM Acupuncturist, TCM Practitioner
General Practitioner and Cosmetics Specialist 

Angelina Cai is a registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist, Practitioner, Herbalist, and is a member of the Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Association of Canada (CMAAC).  She graduated from the University of Manitoba, and continued her education for an additional four years at the Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture College of Manitoba, becoming a well rounded and experienced TCM Practitioner in Winnipeg.

She has a strong passion for learning all aspects of acupuncture and is well blended in both Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine. She also extended her studies and practiced in a Chinese hospital on the maternity ward with a special focus towards new moms and milk production.

Angelina specializes in cosmetic acupuncture and pain management, in addition to treating weight loss, anxiety, insomnia, injuries and overall health. She enjoys adding complimentary services such as cupping, gua sha, and infant tuina (massage) when needed.


Angelina has a passion for helping people and has dedicated her career to this purpose. She takes time to listen to her patients and develop personalized treatment plans that are tailored to their specific needs. Her patients appreciate her caring and compassionate approach with consistent results and relief by her care.

Andrea Derbecker, acupuncturist in Winnipeg
Andrea Derbecker D.Ac, C.M.D

TCM Acupuncturist, TCM Practitioner

Chronic Pain and Complex Illness Specialist

Andrea Derbecker is a Métis woman who grew up in Winnipeg, and spent the first 8 years of her career life working in the city’s Indigenous non-profit sector in various capacities. In 2013, she moved to Toronto to pursue graduate work at the University of Toronto, where she studied Indigenous feminist healing and body-land relationships, receiving a Master’s degree and all but a dissertation of a PhD in Women and Gender Studies. This research eventually led her to leave her academic career in pursuit of healing work that was more embodied, and has culminated a 4-year dual-diploma in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese herbal Medicine.

Andrea meets her patients where they are at, both physically and emotionally, bringing an attentive presence and problem-solving mentality into each of her treatments. She specializes in treating complex and chronic cases, including chronic and acute pain, complex illness and disease, dermatological disorders, emotional and hormonal dysregulation, and gynecological disorders. Using a combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, she has seen patients through the worst of their chronic symptoms into manageable, hopeful and harmonious states of being.

Sabrina Gil, acupunctrist in Winnipeg
Sabrina Gil D.Ac

TCM Acupuncturist

Pain & Injury Specialist

Sabrina is a registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist (MPAA) in Winnipeg and is currently in her 18th year of Acupuncture practice. She is passionate about helping people recover and overcome challenges towards a healthier life.

When she was finishing her bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy in 2001, she became interested in how she could help future clients have better results, especially regarding pain and loss of function in chronic conditions. She then continued her education and specialized in Physiology of Exercise and TCM Acupuncture. The application of this knowledge in these three areas became a perfect compliment for her practice. Sabrina was also the recipient of a scholarship for an intensive course at the Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, in Jinan – China.

During her years of practice in her home country (Brazil), she also taught TCM Acupuncture Specialization courses and supervised hundreds of students. In 2018, she became a Full Pilates Trainer and added these additional skills in her daily physiotherapy practice. Sabrina practiced Physiotherapy and Acupuncture in Brazil until 2019 when she moved to Winnipeg to begin her Masters Degree in Rehabilitation Science at the University of Manitoba. Since 2020, after going through the MPAA licensing process for Acupuncture she is back to practice and doing what she loves most!

Sabrina is specialized in treatments of chronic conditions such as back pain, sciatica, arthritis, TMJ issues, sports injuries and pain management. Her long years of practice gave her experience in other areas of treatment such as insomnia, anxiety, digestion issues, and pre and postpartum challenges. She also enjoys adding complimentary services such as cupping and gua sha when needed. Sabrina cares very much about her patient’s comfort and recovery process and she dedicates all her efforts to give the best treatment available.

Yan Li, acupuncturist in Winnipeg
Yan Li D.Ac C.M.D

TCM Acupuncturist

Pain Specialist & Herbalist

Yan Li is a registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist and Herbalist, and is a member of the Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Association of Canada (CMAAC). Yan was born and raised in China, and moved to Winnipeg to attend the University of Manitoba. She completed her Bachelor of Science majoring in Microbiology, and then furthered her education for an additional four years at the Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture College of Manitoba.

The aspect that interests her the most in Traditional Chinese Medicine is the accumulated knowledge that has been passed on through time. As a young child, Yan had first-hand experience with traditional Chinese herbs, which simply cured her ailments that modern medicine could not. This led Yan on a path to wellness and the desire to pass on this knowledge to those in need. Yan specializes in pain management, particularly neck, frozen shoulder, upper and lower back pain brought upon by the modernized lifestyle. She also has extensive knowledge in gynecology to help facilitate a healthy and regular menstural cycle. Yan devotes her time and energy to finding the best treatment to enhance each patient's overall health care.

Noella Petsche, RMT registered massage therapist in Winnipeg
Noella Petsche RMT

Registered Massage Therapist 

Pre & Post Natal

Relaxation & Deep Tissue

Noella has been a practicing massage therapist for the last nineteen years, after graduating from Wellington College of Remedial Massage Therapy in 2004. Throughout these years she has taken many continuing education courses, which has sparked a deep passion for all things pregnancy and labour related. Having gone through three pregnancies and raising all girls allows her to really understand how to educate, calm and treat our pregnant ladies.


Her favourite part of massage therapy is the diversity it gives her. She is happy to help with prenatal care, deep tissue, therapeutic, energy integration, injuries, dysfunction, maintenance, or simply to relax you. She’s always here to fulfill your individual massage needs.


**She encourages her clients to be vocal about their needs throughout their treatments. Even after fifteen years, her deep tissue work can feel intense for some – but she’ll gladly adjust for pressure you can experience the massage that you’ve been hoping to receive. **

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