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"My wife and I have been trying to conceive for 6 years. After finally getting in to Heartland Fertility Clinic and undergoing testing, we discovered that the issue was due to a genetic disorder that affected the quality of my sperm. Heartland told me that I would never be able to conceive naturally. You can imagine the devastation that I felt for myself and my wife. We decided to try an alternative approach as we had nothing to lose, and made an appointment with Rebecca Sprintz for acupuncture. I was really nervous at first to talk to a young lady about my personal issues, but her kind nature and professionalism immediately put me to ease. She is very humble with her skills and never tried to sell me on anything. I started seeing her twice a week for 2 months and felt that I no longer needed treatments after that because my wife became pregnant! I'm so happy we didn't listen to the doctors and give up trying. If we decide to have another child in the future, I will definitely go back to see her."    --Tim

Labour Induction

"When I had my first child he was two weeks past his due date which made my body go into pregnancy induced hypertension. It was a scary place to be in, one which I hoped I would never have to experience again. When my second child was two days late, I decided to look into safe alternative methods in promoting labour. I came upon this website and tried acupuncture for the first time. The acupuncturist was very kind and gentle. By the next day, I went into labour and had a healthy daughter. I was surprised with how effective this treatment was, and recommend this clinic to every pregnant woman I see."    -- Carol

Post Partum Depression

"I just wanted to say thank you so very much for taking such good care of my wife over these last few weeks. Three weeks ago I cried because when I looked at my son, it broke my heart thinking that his mom didn't know how to love him.  Now I have tears in my eyes again because I see her falling in love with him more and more everyday. "    --Lindsay

Migraines & Headaches

"I was suffering from horrible migraines for 1 year straight. They were so consuming and extreme that my doctor put me on Anti-Seizure medication as the side effect reduced migraines. However, he had no intention on ever taking me off these drugs (I am only 24 years old), and the 'other' side effects were worse than the migraine itself: it made me feel foggy minded, took away my appetite, and changed my personality. During my very first treatment with Rebecca Sprintz, she connected the 'why' my migraines started in the first place, and started addressing that instead of the migraine (My doctor never asked me these questions). By the 2nd treatment, the pain went from a 10/10 to a 2/10. I forgot what life felt like to live without pain! By the 4th treatment, my migraines were gone. I forgot to mention that with the help of my doctor and Rebecca Sprintz, I weaned off the Anti-Seizure meds too. It has been a year since I met Rebecca (I haven't even needed a maintenance treatment in 8 months) and I am drug-free and migraine free. If anyone suffers from must see her!"    --Maureen



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* Initial consultation including an acupuncture treatment : $100

*Returning acupuncture treatments : $70

*Cosmetic acupuncture treatments : $90


*60 minute massage : $84

*90 minute massage : $110.25


*Planning Moms, Fertility, Pregnancy, Postpartum & Infant Nutrition : $125

*Follow up appointments : $100

*Children Nutrition (2-13 years old) : $105

*Follow up appointments : $85

**We are unable to do direct billing however we are fully licensed and accredited acupuncturists and massage therapists. The invoices that you will receive should be everything needed for insurance submission. **

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