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“What I treat most for post-partum women is insufficient lactation”, Sprintz reports. Acupuncture is known to help clear blocked milk glands, can encourage the ‘let-down’ reflex, and can increase the body’s ability to produce more milk.“This can be such a stressful time for new moms. Some have only imagined themselves breastfeeding, and when the possibility of them needing to supplement becomes a reality, it can be devastating.” Sprintz continues, “Acupuncture treatments can make a remarkable difference”.

"Sprintz says that the key is treating the underlying causes of infertility, which can include abnormalities in the uterine lining, endometriosis, hormones, and stress. TCM acupuncturists can determine the cause after briefly examining the patient—which often means looking at her tongue! “...Yesterday alone I had five pregnancy announcements from my patients,” she says. “Once we address the underlying cause of their infertility, they usually get pregnant.”

Article about acupncture and fertiliy and pregnancy
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"I recall being in (or near) tears when I sat in Claire’s treatment room the first time. Her soft-spoken nature and compassion were evident, and we connected immediately. What I was sharing was something she frequently heard from other patients. We spoke about treatment and she shared successes she had studied and witnessed, but she was also careful to advise that acupuncture is not a “one size fits all” solution. As in, not everyone experiences the same results. That said, I was willing to give it a try!"

Sprintz explained that the most common barrier she sees preventing women from getting pregnant is emotional stress. “In this case, I can help flush cortisol from their body – cortisol is that stress hormone that makes people irritable, tightens muscles, and more importantly blocks circulation and conception. When the body is under distress, it is not as willing to conceive because it is unsure if it is strong enough to support both the woman and a baby. It does not mean that her body is weak or infertile. In fact it’s quite the opposite. It means her body is brilliant and is patiently waiting for the woman to become healthier so she can confidently carry a baby full term. Once I release her stress, I call it Liver Qi Stagnation, then her body is ready and able for life’s next adventure.”

“Acupuncture essentially activates the immune system where allergic reactions start". "...There are acupuncture points around the sinuses and elsewhere on the body that may provide almost immediate relief as well as offering cumulative benefits. Acupuncture opens the sinuses, relieves congestion and helps with inflammation. Some people get immediate relief, while others can take a little while.”

"I got to know Rebecca two years ago when my husband and I started going to Family Acupuncture Wellness for fertility treatments. It took us 2 months to get pregnant after trying for almost two years. So it made sense to have her as my first guest on my blog because I kind of consider her as my miracle worker… She is known as the “Winnipeg Baby Maker” for a good reason!" 

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