Postpartum & Infant Nutrition

MOM - When a baby is born, a mother is born. Knowing the best foods for milk production, how to return pre-gestational weight without affecting breastfeeding, and foods that prevent or minimize newborn cramps are some examples of what nutritional monitoring can do for you at this stage. As a Postpartum Doula Juliana can also assist moms with  breastfeeding technics. 

During an consultation with Juliana, she can help adress:

  • Increasing milk supply though a specialized diet

  • Nutrient Dense diet for healing and nurturing the new born mother

  • Breastfeeding support

BABY - Approximately 6 months after giving birth, the introduction of food is given. This is a time of such importance for nutritional monitoring. Juliana Avella can guide new families on how to introduce food into the baby's routine, in addition to helping parents and caregivers with the challenges of this stage like as food restrictions, allergies, selectivity and food refusal.

Nutrition from the beginning of life is of great importance to ensure good development. Durign a consultation with Juliana she can assist in:


  • What foods to introduce first

  • What is the best method for yourunique family

  • Is your baby ready? How to know

  • How to combine the ingredients for optimal nutrient absorption

  • Allergy & intolerance diet support

  • Encouraging good eaters through a taste memory builder

At Family Acupuncture Wellness Clinic, we provide in-person consultations with Juliana Avella.  During the intake she will listen to the family's history, prepare a nutritional plan that will suit each family's needs, and addressing the main challenges of the child's underlying health condition. You will leave with a sample of a 5 day diet, in addition to supplement suggestions and other holistic treatments if needed.


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