• Rebecca Sprintz D.Ac

Don't allow a bad experience to ruin your day

Updated: Apr 16

Day after day I hear similar stories in clinic: "I never wanted to be a moody/mean person but I can't help it. I have no patience anymore." "I know I originally came in to see you for XYZ but can your please just do a stress treatment today?"

If you know me, you'd know that I'd be HAPPY treating anyone for stress, since walking in to a zen-like room with a person soundly snoring is my kind of a good treatment! However, I'm beginning to see a pattern with these situations that I'd like to address. Are you having a bad day or have you had a bad minute/conversation/hour that you are now allowing to impact your entire day?

This is such an important thing to note. It's rare to witness such negativity following someone throughout their day(s) unless that person chooses to fixate on it, be consumed by it, or surrounded within it. Negativity, just like positivity is addictive. Have you noticed that negative people seem to surround themselves with likeminded folk?

Life may be unfair to you, your boss may be picking on you, or your kids may be constantly annoying you, but in these hard moments try to breathe and remind yourself that this is a hard minute/hour/day/period in your life. But like all of your past challenges, you got through it. Don't let the struggle define you.

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