• Rebecca Sprintz D.Ac

Can your symptoms be correlated to your emotions?

Updated: Apr 16

I do often find that some physical issues that arise 'out of the blue' without an apparent injury or reasoning behind it, usually stem from emotions. From my clinical experiences:

*Neck issues-can result from being 'head strong' or having difficulties balancing head (logic) from the heart (emotions).

*Shoulder issues-can be related to the emotional burden that people are carrying (stress).

*Hand/Wrist/Arm issues-can result from difficulties connecting or relating to others. Our arms are our direct connection; greeting with a hand shake, embracing, or an intimate/sympathetic touch.

*Feet/Knee/Leg issues-can result from hesitation about taking the next step in life. Resistance about moving forward (which can be in relation to professional or personal change).

*Constipation-can be related to difficulties 'letting things go'. Needing control, being 'anal' or meticulous about things.

Can you relate to any of these? If so, it may be time to stop focusing on just your physical symptoms and start addressing the underlying cause as to why you keep running into the same symptoms. And of course, acupuncture and TCM can help with this!

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