• Rebecca Sprintz D.Ac

How to use cinnamon as medicine

Updated: Apr 16

Cinnamon is one of my favorite spices. I suggest it often in winter for flavouring foods, promoting circulation, suppressing cravings and reducing pain.

*Regulating Blood Sugars: cinnamon helps the body respond to insulin more effectively, which encourages healthy blood sugar levels.

*Treating Yeast Infections: this is one of the most surprisingly effective medicinal benefits. It can actually help prevent the infection from developing even when the body becomes resistant to medication! (use it in the form of cinnamon oil)

*Top 7 Antioxidant in the World: cinnamon is an incredible super-herb. It's nice to change your anti-oxidant selection to keep variety and excitement in what you eat. Now is the best time to reduce your blueberry consumption since they are not in season and nourish your body with sweet warm cinnamon.

*Anti Bacterial & Anti Fungal Properties: cinnamon oil mixed with water is a great way to disinfect things in your home and keep it smelling festive. In fact it's such a good disinfectant that it is commonly used to fight stubborn fungal infections like Athletes Foot!

*Reduce Arthritis Pain: the large amount of manganese helps encourage bone health and prevent pain brought on by arthritis.

*Combats Cravings: I suggest putting a cinnamon stick in your room-temperature water bottle and sip on it throughout the day to keep hunger at bay, suppress cravings and increase blood circulation (which can lead to a faster metabolic rate).

*Chinese Medicine Loves Cinnamon: we regularly use cinnamon bark (in conjunction with other herbs) to promote the healthy breakdown of food, reduce bloating, prevent nausea, aid in the digestion of dairy and for treating diarrhea.

As you can see, cinnamon is a wonderful medicine in helping many ailments. However, there is not one herb that is good for everyone. If you have too many Yang characteristics in your body ie: heat symptoms (you can ask me at your next appointment) then this warm herb can promote too much heat leading to anger/frustration, hypertension, bleeding disorders (gums, uterus, hemorrhoids) and constipation.

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