• Claire Turnbull D.Ac

TCM Tips for Beating the Summer Heat

Updated: Apr 16

Contrary to popular belief, eating lots of cold food (iced beverages, slurpees, ice cream) does not assist with managing your body heat. Furthermore, it stifles your digestive system and can leave you feeling bloated and lethargic. Adding foods that have an internal cooling quality to them is more effective at cooling you down and will keep your digestive fire strong so you can still enjoy picnic and BBQ season. I suggest adding mint, cucumber or radish slices to your daily water, iced green tea, snacking on radishes or pears throughout the day (both help regulate sweating) and integrating more bitter/pungent foods (celery, sprouts, quinoa, seaweeds, mushrooms, chlorophyll rich foods) to your diet so you stay feeling fresh and cool from the inside out.

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