• Rebecca Sprintz D.Ac

What's THAT point for? (Large Intestine 4)

Updated: Apr 16

People always ask me 'Why do you always choose THIS point?' So here's my reasoning behind using this magical point that treats almost everything. Large Intestine 4 is one of the best points to release the exterior. This is Chinese talk for ‪‎chills‬ & ‪‎fever‬, ‪runny nose‬, ‪headaches‬, stiff upper back & neck, ‪‎sore throat‬, ‪dizziness‬, too much or too little ‪sweating‬, etc. It is also the influential point for the face, therefore it's one of the best points to treat ‪toothache‬, ‪sinusitis‬, ‪rhinitis‬, ‪nosebleeds‬ and ‪‎BellsPalsy‬. In addition, I use it to induce labour (promote contractions), flush stress (cortisol), relieve constipation‬ (it's on the large intestine meridian of course) and to ease ‪‎pain‬ anywhere on your body. So if you have any of the above issues, there is a very good chance that I will be confidently using this point on you!

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