Holistic Nutrition for Children

During all stages in a child's life, consulting a Holistic Nutritionist can be beneficial. It can help to prevent chronic diseases, support immune and digestive system, manage allergies and also improve mental health.


Some of the things that can be addressed with Juliana:

  • Picky eating - strategies

  • Food Intolerance - elimination diets

  • Solid Food Introduction - guidance 

  • Bad Behaviour & Hyperactivity - Strategies and Nutrition Plan

  • ADHD - case study & healthy diet to improve symptoms 

  • Autism - Nutrient Dense diet to support optimal health

  • Constipation - Nutrition Plan


At Family Acupuncture Wellness Clinic, we provide in-person consultations with Juliana Avella.  During the intake she will listen to the family's history, prepare a nutritional plan that will suit each family's needs, and addressing the main challenges of the child's underlying health condition. You will leave with a sample of a 5 day diet, in addition to supplement suggestions and other holistic treatments if needed.

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