"With it being Thanksgiving in Winnipeg, I was thinking about what I was thankful for with this new life of mine. First off, I am thankful for a happy healthy baby. Secondly, I am thankful for such a wonderful family and support group. At last, I am thankful for you Rebecca Sprintz. If it wasn't for you I wouldn't be thankful for my baby and my family because I would be in a different state of mind still. I appreciate everything you have done for us. I am so comfortable talking to you and you make me feel like my thoughts and feelings are normal- not crazy!  You have taught me and allowed me to learn to love my new life and baby. Nothing can express my gratitude for you and your dad, but thank you so much!"    --A Milne


''I have suffered from cat allergies my entire life. My wife spontaneously brought home two abandoned kittens one day, knowing full-well that I would no longer be able to breathe, smell, taste or smile in my home again. She booked me in with her acupuncturist in Winnipeg; Rebecca Sprintz and said that if Rebecca is unable to ‘cure’ my allergies within 2 weeks, she will give the cats back to the shelter. Of course I was hesitant to accept the challenge knowing that I would have a miserable 2 weeks in my home, but my wife seemed to have a lot of hope and expectations of Rebecca. Well, if I didn't experience it for myself I wouldn't have believed my story but…after the first treatment my nose cleared, after the second treatment my eyes cleared and by the third treatment my entire head cleared. I didn't have to wait for the second week to tell my wife that she was right. After only 1 week of treatments, my life-long allergy is eliminated and I have officially become a cat-guy. I can’t believe acupuncture can work so well.''    --David

Rheumatoid Arthritis

 ''I first came to see Rebecca Sprintz for 3 reasons:

1) I've tried everything else

2) She never promised to 'cure me' like other failed practitioners have

3) Many co-workers insisted I see her

I've been suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) for 8 years since my first pregnancy with my son. It has spread throughout my body particularly crippling my hands, knees and ankles. I refused to let this slow me down since I have 3 active boys that need me to keep moving, drive them, hold them, cook and clean after them. The very next day after my first treatment I jumped into my coworkers arms and thanked him for insisting I see her (I think I cried a little on his dress shirt). I have only seen Rebecca Sprintz 5 times for acupuncture and I can't believe the relief that I have been feeling. My knees are no longer swollen, my hands have flexibility and the pain is reduced to the point that I was able to take my baby for a 50 min jog (without paying for it the next day)! I haven't been able to this in 8 years!! Rebecca has given me the freedom of ease, movement and independence back. I have become less fearful of the weather storms that we have been experiencing since the barometric change hasn't been effecting me. She is so humble and only smiles at me when I share this ecstatic news with her, as if she already knew this would happen. Thank you Rebecca on behalf of my husband, boys and myself.''    --Susan                                                                           

Cosmetic Acupuncture

"I wasn't sure what to expect. I first noticed how good my body and spirit felt after two treatments...peaceful and calm on the inside, lots of energy on the outside. In week three, I began to see a change when I looked in the mirror. There was a smoothness and openness in my face that was new. Subtle but noticeable. The lines didn't capture my attention like they used to do. Someone said to me "You look so fresh"! By week four, many of the small vertical lines around my lips that I really didn't like had disappeared. When I glanced in the mirror it seemed there was a lift in my eye area. They looked less hooded. Someone said my skin looked radiant. I also felt less inclined to wear lip colour whenever I went out. I found myself just reaching for a lip moisturizer. When I noticed this change in habit, I realized that my lips had more colour, they were more vibrant. I liked this! Week five came and as I washed my face in the shower I thought how smooth my forehead seemed. An upward stroke on my forehead was no longer like a bumpy ride on a rutted road! The furrowed horizontal lines that I had felt for as long as I could remember (my mother says I was born with them) were hardly noticeable to my touch. It seems now my face more closely matches the spirit and vibrancy I feel inside. I am grateful for this little correction, as if my system has been given a re-boot and my face reflects this. I would recommend Cosmetic Acupuncture with Claire Turnbull to anyone wishing to feel more vibrant and youthful in both their skin and spirit!"    --Shelley

Weak Bladder

“I have suffered from a weak bladder ever since my son was born (he is 6 years old now). After only 2 treatments with Rebecca Sprintz, I have had no 'whoopsies', sneezed 3 times in a row without ramifications, and then jumped for joy (and was still dry)! I’m scared to get overexcited as I assumed (before meeting Rebecca) that I would have this issue for the rest of my life, but I sure am hopeful!’’    --Serena


"My husband and I were trying to conceive for five years before I met Rebecca Sprintz. I was starting to give up hope but several friends said I had to see her first. She taught me so much about my cycles and why my body was having difficulties getting pregnant. Her treatments made me feel things in my body I never knew existed and I actually became mindful of when I ovulated. Believe it or not it only took three months after seeing her for me to get pregnant. Thank you so much Rebecca for not giving up on me and making my wishes come true"    --Sarah


"I was suffering from horrible migraines for 1 year straight. They were so consuming and extreme that my doctor put me on Anti-Seizure medication as the side effect reduced migraines. However, he had no intention on ever taking me off these drugs (I am only 24 years old), and the 'other' side effects were worse than the migraine itself: it made me feel foggy minded, took away my appetite, and changed my personality. During my very first treatment with Rebecca Sprintz, she connected the 'why' my migraines started in the first place, and started addressing that instead of the migraine (My doctor never asked me these questions). By the 2nd treatment, the pain went from a 10/10 to a 2/10. I forgot what life felt like to live without pain! By the 4th treatment, my migraines were gone. I forgot to mention that with the help of my doctor and Rebecca, I weaned off the Anti-Seizure meds too. It has been a year since I met Rebecca (I haven't even needed a maintenance treatment in 8 months) and I am drug-free and migraine free. If anyone suffers from must see her!"    --Maureen

Sinus Pain

 ''I was suffering from chronic sinusitis for over a year. It got to the point that daily headaches and pain in my upper teeth were not responding anymore to pain medication. After only one treatment I experienced amazing relief, and after the second treatment I am sinus pain free. Rebecca Sprintz is amazing. I am so impressed with her approach. She doesn't just treat the

symptom but looks into the root cause. She offers very helpful lifestyle and diet modifications as well. Rebecca is very knowledgeable and compassionate making you very comfortable to discuss your concerns. I am now sinus pain free without taking any pain medication!"    --Barb


"For two years I had severe insomnia and after trying everything Western Medicine had to offer I was referred to Rebecca Sprintz and I truly feel like she saved me from becoming severely depressed and medicated. By the time I saw her I was truly a mess, I was sleeping a maximum of 4 hours a night and even sleeping pills would not help me to sleep.  The only solution my doctor had for me was more pills. After the treatment I had the best sleep of my life and in only a couple of months I was back to sleeping like a normal person without any drugs. Since then I have grown to trust Rebecca with many other ailments and choose to see her before I see my regular doctor. Rebecca has a serene presence that immediately makes you feel at ease and I always look forward to visiting her.  I have referred many friends and family members and none have ever been disappointed."    -- Stacey




''Between my entire body hurting from Fibromyalgia, exhaustion from Chronic Fatigue, and frequent migraines, my body usually felt horrible, and I was feeling pretty depressed about it. Thankfully, my massage therapist referred me to Rebecca Sprintz. Before Rebecca, I'd have to spend several days a week in bed  from my symptoms - I couldn't work at all, and I only had enough energy to run short errands. Since I started seeing Rebecca, I only have bad symptoms a few days a month! I've improved so much that now I only need to go in for tune-ups, or when I'm having a flare-up. And my energy is so much better that I was able to start grad school! I really recommend Rebecca to anyone dealing with autoimmune issues. I feel like she gave me my life back."    --Jennifer

Hormones, Increasing Milk Production

“I have been so grateful for Claire Turnbull’s acupuncture sessions- she is truly a miracle! She has relieved all of my neck pain from labour and nursing as well as helped to balance my hormones + relieve stress as I was not getting much sleep! Her sessions are extremely relaxing, therapeutic and I feel like a million bucks when I leave. The effects of her treatments are also long lasting and she has custom designed my treatments to meet my specific needs. I love what she has done!!!”    --C.W.



"I have been seeing Claire Turnbull for the past 3 weeks and she has truly saved me! About 3 months ago I became really sick with what the western doctors diagnosed as gastritis. I spent 11 days in the hospital and the last 3 months struggling of severe stomach pain and unable to eat anything without being in immense pain or laying in bed with a heating pad. My aunt referred me to Claire and she has been a life saver. After about 7 sessions my symptoms have almost completely gone which as been incredible as nothing else has seemed to work. Claire is such a humble and genuine person. She makes you feel very welcome and at ease. I recommend anyone thinking about acupuncture as an option for whatever their condition may be to go to Family Acupuncture! Thank you so much for helping me to feel myself again."    --Jessie


Sharae is working with my 6 year old son who has suffered with spontaneous chronic urticaria for over a year. She is very professional, gentle, knowledgeable and fun to visit. My son is responding well to both the acupuncture and herbs she has prescribed. We both look forward to his appointments with Sharae. Highly recommend her.    --Marla

Autism Spectrum


"My son suffers with a lot of 'spectrum' struggles. He often has debilitating anxiety. One trip to see Rebecca Sprintz and he's able to relax and deal with his daily living. When his anxiety rises he asks to go for another treatment. We have tried many alternative methods but nothings gives such clear results. One fall I asked Rebecca to help my daughter strengthen her lungs. It was the first winter she didn't end up in the hospital with croup."     --Linda



" I had been trying to get pregnant for two years now and was skeptical about trying acupuncture. After four months of acupuncture with Sharae, I got pregnant! I never spoke so much about my personal life with someone but I was so comfortable with her. She gave me dietary advice, tips and tricks and comfort in knowing she went through the same thing. I am in my second trimester now and happy and calmer then I’d ever been."    -- Anonymous

Children's Nutrition


"Juliana Avella helped me resolve the issues I have with my picky eater (36mos). Her children nutrition strategies are very simple yet made a big difference with his eating habits and choices of foods. He eats more vegetables than ever before, accepts healthy food options and the whole family has joined in too! I am so glad I invested in my family's health with this holistic approach and found the best children's holistic nutritionist in Winnipeg!!!

Children's Nutrition


At the first consultation I had no doubts that Holistic Nutrition was the right option. Juliana Avella's affection, attention and dedication helped me to stick to healthy, holistic eating, since the first solid food I introduced to my babies. She taught me which ones should go first without being overwhelming, she showed me the best way to prepare the meals, and she educated me on how to combine ingredients for better nutrient absorption (and of course better taste)! The process was perfect, and continues to make all the difference in the health of my daughters from birth onwards. When they are hungry they actually ask for fruits and vegetables! Everything that is green and colourful is well accepted and celebrated on my table. This holistic approach helped my 2 girls to grow with a strong immune system, appropriate digestion, no allergies and so far, no antibiotic perspiration.  

I am very happy and eternally grateful to Juliana for taking such care of my family with her gift of knowledge and passion for what she does.


Outstanding service at this top-notch clinic! I am delighted with the results of my treatments I received from the talented Sharae Mendoza. She is a compassionate and knowledgeable practitioner that helped me with my emotional and physical healing (that was mostly stress/ anxiety related). Sharae genuinely cares about all aspects of health and wellbeing for her patients; she is a joy to chat with and be treated by. - Brittany

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